Are you a manager and do you work in the region in hotels, restaurants or in ski or snowboard centers? This year you were pampered, the snow was there, to everyone’s delight.

That said, if you are looking for innovative ideas to help you end the season with increasing traffic, contact us as we could offer you quick and effective actions to boost your sales at the end of the season.

Display examples:

  1. Posters, banners, X banners
  2. Web and mobile campaign to reach young people

In 2016, we added a complete computer graphics studio to our operations, which can intervene both creatively and infographically (editing).

In addition, thanks to our partnership with (my nephew), we can now complete our service offering with a range of digital marketing services (website or mobile application, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), buying keywords, etc.) including managing social networks with qualified people who understand the industry and its challenges.

That said, you have one or more projects for 2017 and / or next season and you want to discuss them, contact us, we will meet with you.

Hope to talk to you soon.

Sylvain Major