Available soon, the first press of its kind to arrive in Canada will be installed in Montreal in January 2014.

Discover the new dimensions of selective and digital UV varnish – unprecedented productivity for a selective varnish with or without 3D relief.

JETvarnish 3D is equipment recognized and awarded worldwide. JETvarnish 3D is designed to process digital and offset prints up to 52 × 105 cm format. It is the ideal solution for series of 1 to several thousand copies. Transform your folding boxes and other packaging by making them distinctive compared to your competitors. Your customers will discover with amazement, the incredible quality of a selective varnish with or without 3D relief effect. Sublimate their impressions!

Since 2008, MGI has been the pioneer of digital and UV coaters. MGI has the largest installed base in the world. JETvarnish customers are recruited from all sectors. From now on, you can request a meeting with your representative at www.g1alternative.com to see firsthand the incredible possibilities available to you and / or your customers. At your service.