With the rise of intangible values in recent decades, there are many challenges to achieve commercial success when packaging has to be created. For some years now, the senses of the consumer have been the focus of marketing researchers and packaging designers.

The question of visual, tactile, olfactory, practical & ecological stimuli is today eagerly revived and this directly influences most of the purchasing behavior of consumers.

What is Sensory Marketing?

Sensory marketing can be defined as: "the set of variables & actions controlled by the producer and / or the distributor to create a specific multi-sensory atmosphere around a product.

Compared to traditional marketing, sensory marketing adheres more to the five senses. Classic marketing is based on the principle that customers assess the functional characteristics of products, sensory marketing, on the other hand, is linked to the experiences of the customer.

All of these experiences bring sensory, emotional, cognitive, behavioral and relational dimensions and no longer just functional ones.

At the start of a project that involves the creation of packaging, it is advisable to bring together infographic designers (design) & packaging designers (mechanical). These can then give rise to striking packaging concepts, whether for a label, a folding box or even for a display with olfactory inks and HD images, etc.

Printing and manufacturing techniques in the packaging industry have evolved so much in recent years that it would be a shame to deprive yourself of an expert who could make the difference between tablet products and commercial success.